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Carpet basics at Beseda Flooring & More

Homeowners have certain expectations about quality and lifespan when considering the purchase of new carpet. Beseda Flooring & More is more than simply aware of this fact. That’s why we carry a vast array of different types of carpet. We believe carpet should fit your own personal style, as well as your home’s particular motif.

Choices in carpet styling

Most carpet styles are divided into two main types, primarily defined by the way the fibers attach to the backing material. With loop pile, the fibers of the carpet are bent into loops. This type is most resistant to stains and has a longer lifespan due to its excellent durability. However, the low profile of this type of flooring means that there is little in the way of cushion underneath your feet. Level loop carpet is best known as Berber, and features short loops that do very well under heavy traffic. Carpeting that has a patterned texture, also known as multi-level loop carpeting, has loops that differ in height. This is what actually creates the pattern.

More on carpet styling

The other main type you will come into contact with is the cut pile. This type features yarns that are cut across the tips so that no loops are formed. This kind is far denser than loop pile, but it is also softer as well. There are many different kinds of carpeting in this category.
  • Plush: features a formal appearance with a texture that is smooth and even.
  • Frieze: features long fibers, the longest of which are known as “shag”, not at all recommended for home areas with high traffic levels
  • Textured: features uneven lengths of fiber for a texture that is rough
  • Saxony: features fibers that are long and twisted, giving the carpet more body and a smooth finish. Saxony holds a footprint longer than most carpets and dents will be evident underneath furniture.
  • Cable: features fibers that are thick, long and very comfortable to walk on.

Choices of carpet fibers

There are two primary fiber types when it comes to choosing carpet: Natural and synthetic. There are also differing characteristics for each particular type of fiber. Let’s look at some of them now.
  • Wool is a top of the line carpeting material and the only natural type of fiber to be used in carpets. It is very resistant to stains and has a long lifespan, which makes it very much in demand by the particularly choosy homeowner.
  • Nylon is probably the most widely used carpet fiber, and for good reason. Its durability is phenomenal, as is its wear-resistant qualities. Their stain resistance, however, is somewhat lacking. For this reason, nylon carpeting usually has a stain resistant treatment applied.
  • Acrylic is primarily used in place of wool, because it is far less expensive. However, it is not as readily available.
  • Olefin is a good choice for basements and outdoor locations, as it is more resistant to mold and mildew, as well as dampness. It is more durable than nylon carpeting, but isn’t as soft or pleasant to walk on.

To find the perfect carpet for your home, visit Beseda Flooring Kitchen & Bath at our showroom in Saint Charles, Missouri.

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