Which carpet flooring is best for my living room?

Which carpet flooring is best for my living room?

Living rooms are often the center of family activity; they are places to watch TV, eat, snack, play games, and even nap. 

On the other hand, it may be a room only used for formal occasions and entertaining. Our carpet store experts will help you find the ideal one for your needs, style, and budget. Here are some standouts, however.

Nylon rugs:  Ideal for large families with kids and pets

These rugs can handle anything kids, and pets dish out. Nylon fibers are also known for outstanding resiliency, the ability to "bounce back" after compression. The stain resistance is also good, especially when a protectant is used.

As a bonus, nylon rugs also have hypoallergenic properties. As a result, it's easy to keep clean and repels mold and mildew.

Polyester: superior stain resistance

These carpets are non-absorbent; when combined with a protectant, this carpet flooring has outstanding resistance to stains.

This is best for moderately busy rooms.

Olefin: mainly associated with Berber styles

It's budget-friendly, durable, and stain resistant. Berber styles are stylish for any space, including the living space.

Wool: Fibers harvested from nature

These rugs are soft, luxurious, and durable. Natural oils with small scales flick off dirt, so no worries about the color.

Triexta: Already with an excellent reputation

It’s relatively new to the market but is already known for ultra-strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. This is terrific for high-traffic areas.

About style

You'll see many styles when shopping for carpet in St. Charles, MO. Low-pile rugs are the most durable and easiest to keep clean. 

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