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What kind of pattern availability does carpet offer?

A carpet choice is perfect for many areas of your home, with luxurious softness and added durability. But for many homeowners, the visual appeal settles the matter.

For carpeting, patterns are a great way to match your décor scheme and create the room’s mood. There are plenty to choose from, so here are some ideas to help get you started.

The practical side of carpet patterns

Patterned carpeting is a great way to hide debris in a busy home. If you have pets or children, you'll most appreciate this benefit.

If you choose carpet patterns created by fiber type and height, it can provide added safety. Place them on stairs to protect against slipping and falls.

It also hides stains and discoloration, so you won't have to replace the flooring often. Depending on your options, carpet floors could last from 10 to 20 years with professional installation.

Patterns for every décor scheme

No matter what type of décor you have, you'll see that carpet patterns can match many of them. Trending features help you add values like the appearance of space, added comfort, and colors that create an emotional response.

A playful, upbeat pattern can make the room a joy to be in children's and family rooms. But something with subtle, calming colors and visuals can be a perfect addition to bedrooms and nurseries.

Find your perfect carpet flooring today

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