Design Tips

Design Tips

Tip #1

First things first... Define your look

Given your home’s architecture and your personality, begin by selecting a personal design theme. It is your world. Whether you are building new or redecorating a room—or the whole house—the place to begin the project is with you. Ultimately, the best designs reflect your personality and those of your family.

That means taking a look at your lifestyle as well as what you like.

Tip #2

Shop prepared

Knowing what you want is just the beginning. You can be the biggest help to yourself if you arrive prepared. This is actually the beginning of the fun part. Take all your ideas with you. Put together a traveling idea kit with pillows, fabric swatches, paint chips, and magazine shots of things you love. This will help you illustrate common designs that appeal to you and coordinate a room. Find your colors and tones and stay within that range. If you are prepared, you can be confident knowing your lifestyle, preferences and personality are part of the decision making process.

Tip #3

Select items suited to your room

Look for traffic flow and how your family lives. A polypropylene rug is great for that space where spills may happen and a silk pillow is an elegant addition to the master bedroom but not the playroom. If you are going to worry about a piece being broken or getting dirty it is the wrong choice for that room. Be careful to match sizes of items to the size of the room. An unusual oversized accent is a great focal point and conversation starter. But a room filled with items that are over-scaled will leave it looking small and cluttered. Always remember to carry your room dimensions in your traveling decorating kit.

Tip #4

Decorate around elements you love

We recommend that you start with the piece you love the most and work around it. Artwork, a sofa, an area rug or even a favorite pillow can help create your decorating palette. It is a favorite for a reason and most often the reason is you like the design and colors. When you know the starting point, find three coordinating fabrics and you are on your way to a fabulous room. Just remember to make choices that you like, reflect your personality and will make your home comfortable.