Wall-to-wall carpet flooring or area rugs?

Wall-to-wall carpet flooring or area rugs?

An area rug is just a smaller carpet. They have similar functions: comfort, noise reduction, style, etc.

The difference lies only in size and the area rug's portability. You can lift an area rug while wall-to-wall is affixed.

What you choose, however, will depend on where and how you plan to use them.

Let’s first talk about design freedom

You get it with either. With wall-to-wall carpeting, you'll see an overwhelming assortment of colors, designs, and constructions like looped, cut-piles, and cut & loop.

You'll have as much freedom to express your style with area rugs. You'll see that at our carpet store and custom area rug department.

Come to us with your design, and we'll create it from your specifications, including size, shape, design and fiber, and color choice.

Carpet and room function

Both wall-to-wall and area rugs can add warmth and charm to a room. Wall-to-wall carpet takes it a little further, however.

It will block drafts more efficiently because it extends over the entire room. Because of the size, it can also cover up a not-so-great-looking subfloor.

You can see designs in our carpet store, such as "Calypso" by Stanton. Be sure to visit us when shopping for carpet in St. Charles, MO.

Area rugs and room function

Area rugs are often used as an accent piece. They can:

  1. Accent, highlight, and add texture. 
  2. They can also be placed strategically to absorb heavy foot traffic or splashes.
  3. Separate and divide, creating extra spaces for home offices, reading rooms, dining areas, etc.
  4. Add even more visual interest to neutral carpeting–or tone down a too-colorful or patterned one.

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