Is scratch resistance available for hardwood flooring?

Is scratch resistance available for hardwood flooring?

The actual ability of hardwood flooring and scratch-resistance comes from wood species' durability and the type of finish.

Not all wood floors are the same

Some, like white oak, hard maple, or hickory, are harder than the softer woods, like pine. All exotic species, such as the Brazilian cherry, are hard and less susceptible to scratching.

Be sure to tell our hardwood flooring experts if you require extra durability. Also, ask about the Janka Scale; anything over 1200 is hard.

Choosing the right finish

Many finishes exist, such as shellacs, varnishes, wax, etc. But let's narrow it down to the two most frequently chosen for wood flooring.

1.Penetrating oil: While most others eventually wear down, penetrating oil soaks into the wood. It hardens and becomes part of the wood, giving it a more natural and softer look, say some.

That makes your floors tough, durable, and protected from scratches and dents. It even protects from pet nails.

2.Polyurethane: Many kinds of polyurethane finish exist, such as varnishes and hybrids. This, too, is tough but will require reapplication.

Choose engineered hardwood flooring

Engineered hardwood almost always comes pre-finished. Therefore, it has a tough finish that can only be used in controlled settings. 

This makes your wood floors in St. Charles, MO, ideal for heavily trafficked areas. In addition, it's a good choice for large families with kids and pets.

Hide and protect

1.Think about light wood: Scratches, scuffs, and dust aren't as visible as in dark woods.

2.Choose bold, dramatic grain patterns that camouflage well.

3.Consider area rugs, especially in high-traffic areas.

4.Use protective furniture pads.

5.Keep pet nails trimmed.

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