Laminate flooring is one of the best options for living rooms. These floors have long been considered an affordable, attractive alternative to genuine hardwood.

It's only improving, evolving with better graphics and seaming and embossing. Laminate flooring also comes with many benefits.

Durability to handle kids, pets, and heavy foot traffic

Laminate flooring can take a lot of punishment! Depending on quality, it can last up to 25 years or more.
These floors are scratch and stain resistant. They also have superior UV resistance, which means they don’t fade or discolor easily.

But make sure you choose the right AC rating

Laminate wood flooring products have varying degrees of strength.

Choose a product with at least an AC-3 rating for the living room. This stands for Abrasion Criteria, a one to six rating system.
Each product is put through a rigorous series of tests determining strength in different scenarios, such as traffic levels, compression, etc. The failure of one can drop the rating down a notch.

As numbers go up, so does strength. Anything lower than AC-3 indicates it's meant for low-traffic areas. Anything above is for heavy residential use, retail shops, buildings, and airports.

About waterproof laminate flooring

In the past, laminate was avoided for installation. The wood composition resulted in warping, curling edges, soaking, and staining.

Unlike the original laminate, waterproof laminate flooring has a non-wood construction. Therefore, this version eliminates concerns about water damage. Please specify if you want this or the original laminate when you shop.

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