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Three reasons why hardwood flooring is popular

Many homeowners prefer hardwood flooring over other floor covering types. However, once you learn more about it, you might like it.

There are plenty of reasons this floor covering is so popular. Here are three of them for your consideration as you start your remodel.

1. Hardwood floors offer one of the most extended lifespans

With professional installation and regular care, hardwood flooring can last 100 years. And it's not uncommon to see them last much longer than that.

You'll be able to refinish them to ensure they reach their lifespan. Wood floors could be the only floor covering you ever have to install in your home.

2. Wood floors are easy to customize for any decor scheme

It's easy to get the look and performance level you want and need for your home. Choose from a wealth of personalizations like species, stain color, layout, and more.

Trends make it even easier to get the look you want. So, whether you have a beachy, rustic, modern look, or anything between, these floors are a perfect addition.

3. All-natural materials make a big difference

You'll get better air quality when choosing natural hardwood flooring materials. In addition, these floors have no place for allergens to hide, even with pets in the home.

They're easy to clean, so they'll look great and perform well. And you can find your perfect product with ease.

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