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Diving into specific carpet styles

There’s no better way to learn about carpet styles than to consider each one. Specific types offer benefits others might not.

If you have requirements for your carpeting, styles matter. Find out more about a few of the most popular in today’s post.

Loop pile style

Loop pile is a trendy style in which the fibers aren't sheared after passing through the backing material. Instead, the loops help create the look and feel of the final product.

This is the perfect style for homeowners who need durability, resilience, and a beautiful look. It’s strong enough for high-traffic areas but looks great in bedrooms and offices too.

Berber style

Berber carpet gives you an excellent variety, offering looped and cut pile fiber options. You'll also find plenty of colors and designs, including light colors with dark flecks throughout.

This choice gives you different durability levels, from low to high durability. But, of course, the busier your home, the more durability it requires.

Shag style

Shag carpet is known for its soft, fluffy texture that offers extensive comfort. The long fibers are not an excellent choice for high-traffic areas, but they shine in rooms with less traffic.

It’s a good idea to keep these floors cleaned regularly to avoid crushing and dinginess. Cleaning methods will vary because these carpets are made of a wide variety of fibers.

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