Can carpet warm a room?

Can carpet warm a room?

One of the questions we often get is whether carpeting can warm a room, and the answer is not entirely singular. In and of itself, carpet has no warming characteristics, as it cannot create heat, but in today’s post, we’re going to tell you why carpet is, in fact, a warming surface, so read along with us now.

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Carpet is known to be a very soft, comfortable underfoot experience, but it's also known for its heat retention properties, maintaining the level of heat your furnace supplies. In this way, the product is very warming, especially in the winter, as heat cannot escape as quickly as it might with hard surface flooring.

This warmth is especially appreciated in bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms, and more, which adds to the comfort of those in the home. But these floors can also warm a room with color.

Warming colors include reds, oranges, yellows, and those products that incorporate any combination of the three. These work to create a warmer ambiance, making the room as emotionally warm as it is physically warm, and we’ll be happy to discuss more when you visit us today.

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