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Three tips for cleaning laminate flooring

Three tips for cleaning laminate flooring

When you choose laminate flooring, you'll find extensive benefits like beauty and durability. But how well you care for the surfaces means a lot.

You're not alone if you're wondering how to clean these floors. Here are three tips on cleaning your new floors for great results.

First, sweep daily or as necessary

Sweeping or vacuuming rid the space of any loose dirt and debris. Daily care is a good idea, but you can change this for more or less traffic and activity.

You can also use area rugs or runners to catch debris before it reaches your regular or waterproof laminate flooring. These rugs help avoid scratching and scuffing, which leads to premature wear.

Second, remember to clean up spills immediately

Even if you have waterproof or water-resistant surfaces, clean up spills immediately. This ensures the best flooring performance and keeps stains and fading worries small. 

Some solutions are harmful to the surface of laminate floors. However, spills are never a problem if taken care of promptly.

Finally, refrain from abrasive cleaners and tools

If you find you have a stubborn mess or stain, don't be tempted to use a scrubber or scrubbing cleaner. These can mar your laminate flooring surface, causing permanent damage.

Instead, use only solutions and tools that are acceptable for these floors. You can call us or contact the manufacturer for more information if you have any doubts.

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