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Is hardwood flooring an affordable choice?

When you look at the purchase and installation of hardwood flooring upfront, it seems more expensive than other floors. However, you might see a very different picture over time, especially in whole-home remodels.

The price is, of course, the first thing homeowners look for, but the process over time is also considerable. Here are some facts that will help make sense of the issue.

The expense of hardwood flooring

One of the reasons hardwood flooring is more expensive upfront is that it’s an all-natural resource, extremely durable, and well worth the investment. With proper installation and care, wood floors have been known to last more than 200 years in some historical buildings.

You'll also spend more on specific species, especially those classified as "exotic" or "rare." In addition to costing more, they add more significant value than usual to your home once in place.

The affordability of wood floors

This material's extensive lifespan makes it so affordable over time. In addition, once you see wear or damage, you can refinish the surface instead of replacing the whole floor, giving you many years of added life.

Your hardwood flooring options will differ based on the in-house traffic in your home, which you can discuss with our associates when you visit our showroom. Be sure to share specific needs so we can give you the best results for your remodel.

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