Do hardwood flooring and radiant heat work together?

Do hardwood flooring and radiant heat work together?

If you currently have a radiant heat source and intend to choose hardwood flooring, you may wonder if the two will work well together. The answer is yes, and there are only a few stipulations you’ll need to consider along the way.

Understanding the nature of this floor covering can help alleviate problems after installation. Here are a few facts to help you make the most of both products.

Consider your wood species and humidity

For solid wood flooring, oak, cherry, and walnut are appropriate species choices to place over radiant heating. Some manufacturers create hardwood specifically for these systems to ensure the best hardwood floors in every room.

It's also crucial to ensure that moisture readings are as they should be for flooring and subflooring. This step helps alleviate problems after installation that are created as the system heats the flooring.

Simple rules for success

One of the most important rules is to keep the heat temperature as low as possible to ensure the space is adequately heated. Even heat, which is sufficiently spread across the whole flooring surface, is another way to see excellent functionality.

The first step is always to acclimate wood floors in St. Charles, MO, before installing them in the home, but it's even more critical when combining hardwood flooring with radiant heating. Too much heat combined with a hardwood that is improperly acclimated results in gaps, shrinkage, or both.

Choose the right adhesive

Some adhesives work better than others over radiant heat, so if glue is necessary, choosing the right one is essential. Most hardwood features a nail-down installation, so this step isn't always needed during the installation process.

Sleepers, which are specially treated lumber, may also be used, with radiant heating placed between them and the hardwood flooring underside. Other materials can be added to help with heat transfer, and we’ll discuss all your options.

Choose a hardwood flooring company that works for you

Beseda Flooring & More offers an excellent assortment of materials and services that will meet your needs, no matter how large your project is. We work with you according to your preferences and requirements to ensure results you can live with for decades ahead.

If you live in St. Charles, St. Louis, Chesterfield, or Wentzville, MO, you’re invited to visit our showroom in St. Charles, MO, for your hardwood flooring. Stop by today to discuss your remodel and all the facts that need our attention.